At Epinay Business and Enterprise School, we believe the wellbeing of staff and pupils is fundamental to the health of the whole school. Our aim is that all individuals realise their full potential and develop resilience and various coping mechanisms to help them with day to day pressure of life and stresses it brings.

As part of our SDP, Mental Health and Wellbeing Action Plan is in place for 2021/22 to ensure strategic leadership and quality assurance. A position of link governor for mental health and wellbeing was created. From September 2020, School Mental Health Champions have increased from 3 to 6.

  • Strategic Mental health and Wellbeing Lead: L.Murphy
  • Lead practitioner for Mental health and Wellbeing: C.Coutakis
  • School governor for Mental Health and Wellbeing: F.Marriner

Mental Health Champions:

  • J.Brewis
  • J.Hayes
  • R.Jopling
  • J.Mitchell
  • L.Murphy
  • S.Wilkinson
  • K.Willis

Strategies used to support pupils and young adults manage mental health and wellbeing

Epinay Business and Enterprise School has a range of strategies that have been implemented to support pupils and young people with mental health and wellbeing, these are constantly changing and evolving. Through the school’s QA cycle, these strategies are reviewed termly and impact measured.

Sarah Campbell – Therapeutic Play Practitioner – Accredited by and Registered with PTUK. Therapeutic Play is a way of supporting children with mild to moderate social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and can help identify any greater challenges or needs the child may have. It recognises play as the child’s natural means of self-expression and provides them with the opportunity to use this to explore their thoughts, feelings and problems.

Mutli-Agency Key Worker is available for informal sessions to support pupils and young adults with any issues that may be negatively impacting them, allowing them to explore their worries and anxieties in a safe and confidential environment. The sessions can explore a wide range of issues; bullying, anxiety, low self-esteem, self-harm, sexuality, family and relationship difficulties, friendships and eating issues. Our MAKW will listen to the pupils and young adults without judgement, signpost where appropriate and liaise with parents.

PITSTOP offers school based mentoring for all aged pupils and young adults who require extra support in dealing with any issues that may arise from home/school, 1:1 sessions are provided in a safe, quiet environment with privacy and assurance from trained staff to talk through and manage their concerns.

Relationship Works provides bespoke one-to-one, or small group educational interventions for young people aged 5- 24 who are experiencing difficulties due to a range of issues, e.g. addressing overthinking and anxiety, transgender issues, exposure to extremist methodologies, healthy relationships, sexual exploitation, inappropriate touch, anger management etc. Relationship Works support young people who are displaying problematic behaviours which impact upon themselves and others.

Healthy Minds: Elaine Gill is our Mental Health Practitioner, NHS South Tyneside. She provides early intervention support for children and young people who are experiencing, or who are at risk of developing, emotional, behavioural and psychological difficulties or who require support in relation to resilience building. The mental health practitioner works on a referral process, then 6 week programme to promote resilience, encourage the development of self-care skills, self-help techniques and explore different coping strategies.

Humankind offer specialist LGBT+ Support for young people aged 11 to 25 in South Tyneside. This service provides a one to one support offer, family work, peer support networks and workshops.