At Epinay School we pride ourselves on our anti-bullying policy and the way in which our pupils conduct themselves. We believe every student should feel safe, secure and valued, they should be themselves and we should treat everyone with respect and kindness.
This ethos is reflected across the school and the issue of bullying and appropriate behaviour towards each other is incorporated into our Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum. Students learn about bullying, the effect this can have on students mental and physical health, strategies and ways to seek support for bullying. They also learn about healthy friendships and relationships in order to support this.
As a school we celebrate Anti-bullying week through assemblies as well as making anti-bullying a focus for pastoral time and PSHE lessons. Students can be referred to PITSTOP sessions in school to learn more about how to deal with friendships and relationships.
We have recently implemented a Child Friendly Anti Bullying Policy so that students are able to fully understand what constitutes bullying and where they can go for support if they feel they need it.