Our School Vision

To create a safe and inclusive centre of excellence by providing a stimulating environment where learners achieve challenging and inspirational targets in order to develop as happy, confident and independent learners who are prepared for adulthood.

Our School Motto

Ready to listen, ready to learn together.

Our School Ethos and Values

  • We provide equality of opportunity to all in our school.
  • We deliver a broad, needs driven creative curriculum.
  • We pursue opportunities for personal development and links in the wider community.

Our Code of Ethics

The culture of our school is based on the principles of dialogue, inclusion, tolerance, mutual respect, trust and confidentiality. All communication between staff, students and parents will be characterised by courtesy and good manners and will be non judgemental. Partnership, working together and celebrating equality and our diverse cultures, are at the heart of our school community.

At Epinay School, we are committed to providing both care and education for our students. Staff will demonstrate consideration and respect both for their students and their families. Students’ and parents’ rights to voice opinions will be recognised and staff will work with students and families to deal with any educational, social, emotional or safeguarding concerns. 

Epinay School firmly believes in creating a trusting relationship where both school and families act together to benefit children and young people. We strive to develop sustained parental relationships to achieve positive outcomes for all children and young people.

The commitment which members of staff make to continually improve the learning process and experience will be recognised by students and parents through adopting an active role in their own learning and their child’s learning. As a school, when dealing with difficult and sensitive situations we will seek to resolve problems by mediation, respecting the feelings of all involved. The school will continue to develop and expand its existing positive links within the local community and will celebrate its achievements and reputation both regionally and nationally. 

Our School Mission

  • To equip each learner with necessary concepts, attitudes, skills and knowledge to create happy, confident and independent learners who are prepared for adulthood.
  • To have high expectations of ourselves and each other.
  • To provide high quality teaching to stimulate learning.
  • To enhance learning by offering personal development and real life experiences

Ofsted graded us “Outstanding” June 2023, March 2018, December 2012 and March 2010