Bede Co-operative Trust

Epinay Business and Enterprise School set up as a Co-operative Trust School in 2010.

The Objects of the Trust are to advance the education of the pupils at the School, to advance the education of other members of the community, and otherwise to benefit the community, it being acknowledge that in carrying out the Objectives the Trust must (where applicate) have regard to its obligation to promote community cohesion under the Education Act.

The School will place an emphasis on the Co-operative values:

  • self-help
  • self-responsibility
  • democracy
  • equality
  • equity
  • solidarity
  • honesty
  • openness
  • social responsibility
  • caring for others

As a Co-operative School we aim to create a safe and inclusive centre of excellence by providing a stimulating environment where learners achieve challenging and inspirational targets in order to develop as happy, confident and independent learners who are prepared for adulthood.

The Trust forum gives the opportunity for interested parties to guide the future direction of the school.

If you would like further information about the Trust please contact Head Teacher, Mr Chris Rue.