Phases 2 to 4 are involved in the school house system. Our school believe that we are Gems and
therefore have named our 4 houses:

Each day, teaching and support staff can give out merit marks. These can be given for anything during the school day and informal times including extended schools. We receive merit marks in person and can have the responsibility for posting them in the house post box situated within the main corridor. We can also hand them into staff during the school day.

Merit marks are counted up weekly and results are shared in Friday assemblies. Our house system works from a Friday morning to a Thursday night. We can receive weekly certificates from our pastoral teacher that are worth extra points. There is also a head teacher’s award given out each week.

The house that has the most points at the end of each term is rewarded with a house trip. The trip takes place in the final week of term; everyone in the house gets to go on the trip so it may be one big trip or three smaller trips.

Throughout the term, a running league table highlights the top 10 students with the most merit marks. The top 5 children also get to access the end of school trip, even if we’re not in the winning house. Those with poor attendance or behaviour issues during the term will not be able to join the winning house on our trip.