Ready to listen,
ready to learn together

Welcome to Epinay

I have had the privilege of being Head Teacher at Epinay Business and Enterprise School since January 2017. I have spent my full working career in special needs schools, a job I find tremendously rewarding. I like to think that I have a lot to offer as a leader in a special school, I have had a number of positions within school including teaching assistant, HLTA, Pastoral Manager, Residential Child Care Officer, Teacher, middle leader, Assistant Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher, Head of School and Head Teacher.

‘Ready to listen, ready to learn together’ is something that we strive to work towards every day, we have worked extremely hard in giving children an enriching and creative education that equips them with the skills and attributes they will need to support them to develop as happy, confident and independent learners who are prepared for adulthood.

Mr Christopher Rue,

Head Teacher

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When my son goes to the park, he feels misunderstood and other children laugh at him but at school everyone understands him in school, we are all a big happy family


We're bursting with pride. My daughter has come along way and with Epinay's support, she's shining. Thank you again to Mr Rue and all the fabulous staff who support her.


Absolutely love seeing how happy my son has been since joining the school in September 2019, I feel like I’ve got a new child. Thank you.


An amazing journey so far. From an emotional none verbal frustrated none sociable little girl to an amazing chatter box controllable inquisitive curious friendly lovable growing little princess. All areas of being at Epinay school has meant the world to us all.


My daughter loved her first year in Epinay. Making loads of new friends and getting two Head Teacher awards, as well as helping raise funds for the school. She also loved Flamingoland and starting in the choir, her favourite lesson is cooking.


Billy from Relationship Works has really helped me with my anger issues. I do still get angry but the sessions with Billy really helped me understand and use techniques to help calm myself.

Year 8 Pupil