Epinay Cafe

At Epinay Café students are provided with the opportunity to develop their cooking skills in a simulated working environment.

Independence and teamwork skills are promoted through food preparation and cooking as they work towards NVQ qualifications. Using their knowledge gained, pupils have the opportunity in developing their social and valuable life skills. The trainees prepare, cook and serve customers in a realistic setting whilst developing their understanding of the importance of a healthy and wholesome diet as well as working towards the achievement of a qualification.

Pupil’s self- esteem is boosted through the satisfaction gained from the creation of a successful product.

As well as preparing the community lunches on our trainees also plan, prepare, cook and serve staff lunches to support the development of social and life skills, money management and understanding of an experience in a café environment.

Why not come and sample our meals at our lunch club on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

For further information contact Deborah Dunn: email: ddunn2@epinay.org

To book a table call our direct number: 0191 4308900