Kayaks Easter Holiday provision for SEND children

Kayaks have activities over the Easter Holidays for SEND children.
  • Saturdays we have a variety of activities, sports, art, crafts, bouncy castle, sports day equipment
  • Sundays picnic in the park for SEN children and their families, including activities.
  • 3rd April Beach BBQ at the little beach next to Haven Point
  • 10th April is a disco 6-9 at Armstrong Bar
  • 11th Adventure Valley – Limited seats
  • 14th Beamish – Limited seats
All activities have free food and for children free to attend.
Adults pay entry to the two day trips
To book can you ask for them to email me on alison.bland66@yahoo.co.uk or call on 07847319889 after 5pm please?
Thank you so much
Alison Bland