School Council

‘All children have the right to a voice and to be heard’

At the start of every school year, we hold student voice elections. Our School Council is comprised students from lower phase 2 up to phase 5 who are chosen through a school ballot. We also have our Head Boy and Head Girl, Deputy Head boy and Deputy Head girl who are selected through a rigorous interview process by the Head Teacher.

At Epinay School, the purpose of our School Council is to encourage students to get involved in issues that concern them, in and around school to make their school better and improve school life and our school community.

Being a school councillor is a very responsible positions. Their job role requires them to:

  • Attend meetings regularly.
  • Communicate with the Deputy Head and Head teacher.
  • Talk to students across all the phases and feed their views back to the council.
  • Make suggestions for change and improvement around school.
  • Decide which charities to support as a school and drive charity events.
  • Ambassadors for the school and promote student’s rights

The School Council meet every fortnight and are supported by Mrs Murphy, Miss Hayes, Miss Newbrooke, Miss Vincent and Miss Ramsey.

All meetings have a planned agenda, minutes are recorded and shared on the school council notice board. Following meetings, the councillors are given time to report back and share anything discussed to their classes and during lunchtime drop in sessions in the dining hall. The student council has a designated area where they promote their activities and display the charity monies raised.

The students provide information around their activities, visits, competitions and fund raising for the termly school newsletter and lead a monthly assembly with the whole school.

Our School Councillors are:

Lola C, Tia M, Ryan D, Lyndon M, Kyle M,

Dainton, Jack I, Hafiz U, Maddison LM-B

Harry M, Dominic R

Harri M (chair), Dominic M (Vice Chair)

Taylor McL, Billy Jo G

Molly S, Mary L, James S






STYPP have recently launched their brand new webpage containing information and resources from their current ‘Health and Wellbeing’ campaign, as well as previous years’ campaigns. Click below to view: